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14 Jul

do everything you do to the glory …

Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31

I’m volunteering this week at our new church’s vacation bible school.  I signed the girls up to attend and given the intentionality of our time at VBS last year, I really thought I should volunteer this year.  Believe me … I gotz a lotta things I could be doing … but I also thought it might be a way to meet more people too.

I’m so happy that I went ahead and volunteered!  They put me in the art room … and … Piper signed up for art!  So I literally get to spend the whole week having one on one time with her {without her sisters at least}.  I’d call that a major blessing!  It’s also giving me little insights and peeks into who she is … you know? those hidden moments and quirks that we don’t always get to see when they’re in school or away from us.  I’m able to quietly watch her interact, think, and create.  Love!


I actually led our small groups this week.  Freaked me out a bit when they randomly handed me the discussion paper … in fact, I “sort of” tried to give it to someone else, and she says to me so sweetly “why are you handing it to me?  You love Jesus.”  Um.  Okay.  Sure … sure I can do this!

And I did.  And it was actually pretty cool.

This week, one of the things we talked about was giving glory to God in all that we do.  You’ve heard the phrase “practice makes perfect?”  When in fact, no one is perfect.  No one can be perfect.  There was only One who was … and we can strive to be like Him, but we’ll never be perfect.  Does that mean we shouldn’t practice or try our hardest?  Absolutely not.  We should be glorifying Him in all we do, and that means we need to try our hardest and be the best we can be.  We need to be all He created us to be.

Whether you’re a mommy at home with your kidlets, a teen working in the mall, or the prez of a company … everything we’re doing should be for His glory.

The lesson made me think of this song by Stephen Curtis Chapman, Do Everything.  And if you have a few extra minutes, listen to his message behind the song.

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21 Jan

what would they do without each other?

Sister will you …
make believe
play dress up
let me be the princess
tell me stories in the dark
always be my friend?

I often wonder what these two would do without each other.  Where one is … there is the other.  Two peas in a pod and all that.

I often wonder where their lives will take them … will it keep them close, or pull them apart?

I often wonder if their hearts are happy to just be near the other.

I often wonder if they know they’re sisters … or just think they’re best friends.

I often wonder if, when they’re forty, they’ll understand how blessed they are to have a sister.

I often wonder if their children will be friends.

I often wonder if they’ll have daughters … who are sisters … and feel the way I do when I watch them play.

I often wonder if they’ll always have this bond.

I often wonder when they’ll let Hunter join their club. ;)

I often wonder if God knows how very thankful I am.

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17 Jan

exuma :: my heaven on earth

I’m certain that when God created Exuma … He had me in mind!  He knew one day my soul would be tired, weary … my body, sick … He knew I would need to have my own little piece of Heaven, here on earth.

I wish I could bottle and share, right through this screen, what I experience when I’m here.

Time stands still.  Worries wash away.  Peace sets in.

We’ve been here since Christmas, and while it took me a full 2 1/2 weeks to finally feel completely at peace … I finally DO feel completely at peace.

Oh how their personalities shine through in these photos!  And remember Wynt’s accident?
Her shiner below was a full week & a half later!  It got much worse before it got better {can’t even see it now though!}.

Drama much?

Channeling her inner Jackie O?
Okay, but seriously … she won’t take these off.  We bought ’em in the local grocery
store and she wears them everywhere.  The pic of her chasing the waves?  She has ’em on.
Hunter seems to be growing before my eyes on this trip …

Sand burial anyone?  And yes.  As a matter-o-fact, they do eat sand.
Ever since they’ve been old enough to crawl in it!

Island hopping.  Didn’t get many photos this day {actually, haven’t taken many photos at all} …
We visited Long Island … an island believed that Christopher Columbus
first hit when trying to find America in 1492.

And then we have school.  It’s seriously going MUCH easier than last year.  We have a week
left in Exuma, and the girls are pretty much done with their work.  Honestly, Piper
didn’t have too much … and super-student Wynter, flew through hers.
We’ve been working on reading flash cards with Hunter {watch out
Mrs. R, you’re going to be amazed!} … and Tay is plugging along
with her regular homeschool curriculum.

I wouldn’t trade any of this!

And a view of my heaven … here I sit watching the sun rise, reading, writing, praying, gazing, wondering.

And sometimes when the afternoon is coming to a close, I’m back again …
folding laundry, writing, emailing, twittering, reading, gazing, wondering.

Thank you Lord for blessing me with this amazing slice of Heaven.  Knowing the beauty you’ve created here on earth,
makes me yearn for my real Heavenly home all the more!

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30 Nov

so thankful for my things!

Yep!  Today’s my birthday!  And in honor of … well, me … I wanted to share four of my biggest blessings with y’all today!

We picked these up on our recent trip to Orlando and the girls were seriously beyond excited to finally pull them out and sport ’em to dinner on Thanksgiving day.  Whadda think?  Are you lovin’ my things as much as I do?  ;)

Another year older wiser and blessed beyond belief!

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25 Nov

it’s a small world after all …

A couple of weeks ago, CJ had a meeting out of town, followed by hunting with the boys.  So I packed up the girls and headed to Disney!

We had an amazing time.  I’m smiling remembering what a “magical” time they had.  One night while tucking Hunter into bed, she was squeezing her newly acquired, Marie {from The Aristocats}, with the hugest smile on her face … I’m talking huge!  My whole insides were smiling in return and feeling blessed knowing they were experiencing and feeling something so magical.

Hunter fell asleep before we even got into the park for the “Very Merry Christmas Party”

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I’ve really been struggling.  Just feeling like I’m not good enough.  That I can’t measure up.  Now, honestly … I know it’s all hogwash … but when you’re down, you’re down, right?  The other horrible thing about being down is the enemy has a field day with that!  But here’s what I’ve come to realize … I believe the Lord is working in me.  Preparing me to use me in a big way.  I’m not sure what that is, or what it means … I just feel it happening.

And I believe satan is working double-time to hinder my connection with my Creator.  It started in Israel and only got worse when I got home.  And quite honestly, it continued while at Disney.

I just wasn’t myself.  I felt like I was struggling in so many ways.  I won’t go into all the details, as I’m not sure any of them would even make sense.

But here’s the thing … as I was walking around all these different theme parks … very aware of my internal struggle … I was even more aware of and in awe of my surroundings.  The people that is.  So many different kinds of people … that came from all over the world to see this “magical” place.  I’d smile just watching them …

A dad with bright pink, sparkly, glittery, headband ears.  A tween boy with a Mickey fanny-pack.  Grandmas.  Grandpas working rollercoasters and telling guests to have a “magical day.”  Grumpy teens.  Happy teens.  Moms yelling at children.  Children not listening.  Sick children.  A group of handicapped or elderly.  A boy with obvious developmental delays, clapping and dancing and smiling like nobody’s business {and yes, I may be crying as I’m remembering the pure joy on his face}.

All the while, I’m trying to make sense of it all.  Like there’s some bigger meaning … {shaking my head} I don’t know … like I said, I’m not sure I can make any sense of what’s going on inside of me.  There I was … in the most “magical” place on earth, surrounded by thousands of people, and realizing, we are all part of this great big world.  We’re all struggling with something.  And when the girls and I hopped into a boat for the “Small World” ride … and the music started playing … “It’s a small world after all … it’s a small world after all … it’s a small world after all, it’s a small … small world!”  YES! it.is. a small world.  And we’re all in it together.

The big epiphany … my breakthrough … was understanding, without a doubt, God’s cookin’ something up for me!  And … oh my friends! that makes me smile!  For that, I am thankful!  For that, I’m excited!

Look at these girls … the last time we were at Disney World in Florida … in Minnie’s house … on Minnie’s sofa, was 2004.  Wynter was 5 months old.  Piper had just turned 2.  And it was Taylor’s 9th birthday.

{Tears …} And look at them now.  We’ve added little Hunter to our crew!  Wynter just turned 7.  Piper’s 8.  And my big girl is 15!

Blessed and thankful am I.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone … I pray you receive many blessings, but more importantly … you give many thanks!

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