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1 Jul

laundry room :: before + after

With this move of ours came a few home improvement projects …

We bought the house from a guy who’s as bachelor as they come … and I couldn’t wait to “girlie” it up and make it our own!

Ready for some before and afters?  I have a few more down the pipeline, but for starters … I’ll show you the laundry room.  I knew without a doubt the black trim and maroon cabinets needed to go!  I also wasn’t a fan the painting detail on the walls.  Sooo …

I changed it up real good!

“Life is fragile handle it with prayer …”

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8 Dec

we’re at it again!

Do you remember our “elf on the shelf” story from last year?  If not, you should totally get caught up … I’ve got better material this year!  Go ahead, pop over and read it … I’ll wait!

Okay … so Mr. Rosy Cheeks {p.s. totally forgot his name until a few minutes ago when I read last years post} was a day late making an appearance this year.  But! never fear, he finally showed up and here’s the sequence of events that followed:

  1. Mr. Rosy Cheeks lands on the girls computer
  2. Mr. Rosy Cheeks falls behind the computer and was severely injured {a.k.a. I didn’t see him laying back there, therefore he completely fell off my radar and didn’t get moved}
  3. I tell the girls I’m really hoping he’s not too hurt to report back to Santa.  Two days later, the girls move him from the floor to the desk hoping to get him moving again.  I’m super thankful of that, because now I can see him and hopefully remember to move him!

When those few days went by without any elf action … the girls come out before bed and tell me they’ve prayed for Mr. Rosy Cheeks … although they just call him elf, cuz let’s face it … no one remembered our super clever name!

Then I get a spark of brilliance and suggest we move him into the Christmas tree.  “Maybe he just needs a little Christmas spirit to get him better,” I say.  The girls totally buy it … they lay ornaments all over him and ask if they can pray again.

“Sure we can!  Who wants to pray?”  Wynter volunteers and it goes something like this:

Dear God,
Please help our elf to get better.
Please fill him with your Holy Spirit
and Christmas Spirit
and get him all better so he can start moving around again.
In your name we pray,

And dear friends!  Look what the prayers of a 7 year old … and an elf filled with the Holy Spirit {and a side of Christmas spirit} can do! ;)

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6 Dec

random acts of christmas kindness :: advent 2010

I am so incredibly excited about our Advent activity this year!  And … given that I creatively “borrowed” our Advent activity last year … I think it’s only fitting I borrow from my “SHEro” again this year {get it? not HEro, but shero?}!!

And can I just insert here … that because I came out of stalking hiding, Katherine and I have gotten to know each other and are now friends!  She’s an amazing woman, mother, wife, photographer and overall creative genius!  Not to mention, a very giving and caring friend!  I feel blessed to call her friend …

Anyway … when she posted this, I immediately asked permission to borrow it.  It was just too wonderful not to!  And just as I suspected … our family has already been incredibly blessed because of it!

I didn’t have much time to pull it all together, so here’s my version of “RACK :: Random Acts of Christmas Kindness.”

And here’s how we do it … the night before … we pull the next days activity and talk about what we’re going to do.  I’ve included a scripture verse on each card as well, and we also talk about what the verse means to us.

As for activities … I borrowed some of Katherine’s, but we also came up with some of our own.  So far, one of my favorites was paying past due library fees for five people.  I’m also looking forward to our nursing home visit to hand out treats and drawings, read, and maybe sing.

One of the funnest parts of our activity is leaving a card letting the recipient know they’ve been “RACK’ed!”  Feel free to download a copy of the card here.

As I mentioned … it’s only been 5 days, but we’ve already been incredibly blessed.  The girls are excited about and loving our daily activities.  In a world so caught up with the “gimme’s” … I’m working double-time to teach my girls that scripture rings true … “it’s far better to give, than to receive!”

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15 Nov

kids library corner :: project clean-up

I have way too many projects around the house that need tending to!  I kinda get an ulcer just thinking of it!  So what’s a busy mom to do?  Take it one project at a time!

First up … a much needed cleaning of the “game closet” … which I’ve been wanting to turn into a library corner for the girls for about … oh, a year!

I’d already cleared it out before I thought to take a ‘before’ photo … so here are a couple I snapped with my phone.  See all the games on the side and in the photo below on the shelves?  Those were all stuffed inside this small closet.  We also kept our “TV cuddling” blankets in there.

The games off to the side {on the stairs} are the ones donated to my mom’s yearly rummage.  And the games on the new shelving unit {from IKEA} are the ones we kept.  Sadly, some of these games still had the wrapper on them!

I cleaned up this whole room and love it now!  We still had baskets of toys laying around {from when the kids were toddlers} and also baskets of books.  I donated most of the toys and books and kept only the ones they loved for the new library corner.  I also purchased the new shelving unit and love having the games and blankets right within reach … much easier to have family game nights when you can actually see the games!

Okay … now to work on this “library.”  First we took the solid, hidden door off …

And … in it’s place, I sewed a double-sided curtain!  Blue on the outside matches the decor of our furniture in that room {yes, blue furniture!}, and pink on the inside complements the inside of the library and “girly’s it up!”

We painted the inside blue … yes, we!  At one point, I had 3 girls in there painting with me … momentary insanity loss for sure!  I let Piper pick the paint colors, and went with 2 shades of blue.  We painted the shelves, walls, woodwork, everything.

Then I picked up some decor from good ol’ Tar-jay, added some glow-in-the-dark ceiling stars and we were in business!  The girls love hanging out in their new reading corner and it’s also a popular place to get homework done.

And now I’m off to my next project … cuz a mommy’s work is never done … sigh … ;)

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