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we’re at it again!

Do you remember our “elf on the shelf” story from last year?  If not, you should totally get caught up … I’ve got better material this year!  Go ahead, pop over and read it … I’ll wait!

Okay … so Mr. Rosy Cheeks {p.s. totally forgot his name until a few minutes ago when I read last years post} was a day late making an appearance this year.  But! never fear, he finally showed up and here’s the sequence of events that followed:

  1. Mr. Rosy Cheeks lands on the girls computer
  2. Mr. Rosy Cheeks falls behind the computer and was severely injured {a.k.a. I didn’t see him laying back there, therefore he completely fell off my radar and didn’t get moved}
  3. I tell the girls I’m really hoping he’s not too hurt to report back to Santa.  Two days later, the girls move him from the floor to the desk hoping to get him moving again.  I’m super thankful of that, because now I can see him and hopefully remember to move him!

When those few days went by without any elf action … the girls come out before bed and tell me they’ve prayed for Mr. Rosy Cheeks … although they just call him elf, cuz let’s face it … no one remembered our super clever name!

Then I get a spark of brilliance and suggest we move him into the Christmas tree.  “Maybe he just needs a little Christmas spirit to get him better,” I say.  The girls totally buy it … they lay ornaments all over him and ask if they can pray again.

“Sure we can!  Who wants to pray?”  Wynter volunteers and it goes something like this:

Dear God,
Please help our elf to get better.
Please fill him with your Holy Spirit
and Christmas Spirit
and get him all better so he can start moving around again.
In your name we pray,

And dear friends!  Look what the prayers of a 7 year old … and an elf filled with the Holy Spirit {and a side of Christmas spirit} can do! ;)

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5 Responses to “we’re at it again!”

  1. cyndi says:

    Super sweet & totally made my morning! Thanks for the smile :-)

  2. heather says:

    i think you need a more flexible elf! i don’t think he’ll be able to stay most places in the tuck and roll position! :-)

  3. Beth says:

    That is the sweetest thing I have read all day! I just love how they got him better by praying and laying the ornaments on him…. so cute and heartfelt… Oh my goodness! I love it.

  4. catherine s. says:

    Oh my goodness, that is THE CUTEST story EVA!!! I got the uncontrollable giggles and my Gabi asked me what I was laughing about…she looked at the monitor and gasped – there was her Buddy! (Our Elf is named Buddy – easy for me to remember – fav movie)…anyway, it made a believer here out of a doubting Thomas…she saw there was another Elf just like Buddy (we’ve had some issues with her declaring Buddy didn’t need to watch her all the time and report anything bad back to Santa)…and said to me…he HAS to be real Mama…I just saw his brother! Tracie, your girls’ prayer warmed my heart…now THAT is some real Christmas magic :) Thanks for the warm fuzzies today – xoxo

  5. hee hee hee! we always had an elf growing up too. then when daisy came along of course i needed an elf of our own. so ours is “blinky” and he’s not very mobile. matter of fact he just hangs out in the same owl-perch of a spot. but it worked it magic when i needed him the most. now daisy asks every so often if she gets to have him when she has kids of her own. lol! apparently he’s just as important to her as he always was for me. i love hearing that you guys have the same elf!!!! :)

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