I'm a redeemed child of God and the momma to four vivacious daughters. I'm passionate about finding hidden blessings in the trials of life, living it out in an honest and open way, while encouraging those around me to believe in better.

20 Sep

RIP willie :: when a carnival fish dies

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2 Feb

wordless wednesday :: moxie

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21 May

turkeys … they be hatchin’

So.  I’ve mentioned a time or two about the adventurous things that go down in our humble abode?

Our newest adventure?

Growing turkeys!

Last Fall, we had a family of turkeys running around our property.  There were about 12 in all and they stayed around most of the winter.  It was fun to watch them grow and by the end of winter they weren’t so shy anymore either.

But.  Now they’re gone.

So what’d my adventurous guy do?  He found a place that sells turkey eggs.  Got a super high-tech incubator.  And we watched them hatch.  10 out of 12 … not too bad!

We’re going to build a pen for them in the yard and when they’re big enough, we’ll let them go.  They’re wild turkeys and are growing quickly … so they won’t be sitting on the girls heads for very much longer!

So … what sort of adventures are you up to?

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15 Jan

our beloved ariel

Ariel was the first dog we got together … we did all kinds of research on the perfect dog.  I was struggling to be a ‘dog person’ and thought we couldn’t go wrong with Ariel … and basically we didn’t.

She tends to get sick, have ear infections, and smells … but she really is the best dog ever!
Curt recently found the book we bought when researching Newfoundlands and was showing it to Piper this morning explaining all about the breed and what they are trained to do, etc.  One of the things they are bred for are rescue swimming and it reminded me to dig out this movie …
This is up at the lake a couple of summers ago … enjoy!

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3 Feb

and puppy makes four …

Isn’t he the cutest thing you’ve ever seen???  We are officially a family of 12 … 10 living in the house, 4 being canines.

We brought “Pebbles” home this morning.  No idea what came over us to get another dog, but we did and I think we are going to love him to death!

He’s been great with the other dogs and very sweet with the girls.  Taylor’s already ‘training’ him to sleep in a bed (for Piper) and the girls can’t keep their hands off him.

Wish us luck … see photos here …

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