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faith through loss

11.15.96 – 8.10.11
Born to Eternal Life

{read 31 days of faith from the beginning}


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15 Responses to “faith through loss”

  1. Stacey says:

    Thank you Tracie and Teri for sharing this journey today. I am praying for you right now.
    Stacey recently posted..31 Days {Day 15} :: He is Praying for You

  2. Melanie Cross says:

    Tracie and Terrie thank you. Terrie, I am so sad to hear about Emily. I can still remember Nathan, our son, telling me about Emily saying she was the bravest girl he knew in 2nd grade – sweet Emily.

  3. Maureen says:

    Thank you for this Tracie!

  4. Susan Lesperance says:

    Tracie, a beautiful tribute to Emily and a loving nod to God above for looking after us in good times and in bad ones as well. You have a solid and strong foundation…and your willingness to share it with us as well as your faith…makes our lives richer–and more blessed. Thank you.

  5. Leslie says:

    Oh beautiful friend, what a treasure you are! I can only speak for myself, but I know that my own faith journey has been profoundly impacted by you and your faith, grace, strength and guidance. I’d bet anything that Terrie (and many others) feel the same way. We are all so blessed that God put you into our lives to help us with our walk.

    There was a definite shift within me when Emily passed, and not a day goes by that I don’t think of her, her family, their grief and their faith. I pray for Terrie and all who love Em every single day.

    Thanks for sharing this, Tracie. Love you! And Terrie, too! So blessed to call you both friends.
    Leslie recently posted..Daybook: Lazy Blogger Edition

  6. cyndi says:

    I love you for so many reasons but one is because you put yourself out there…good & bad…and share directly from your heart. This is a gift that you give us without anything expected in return. I know how hard it was for you to talk about this devastating time. I know how much you love & hurt for Terrie…yet you put it and all of your raw emotions out there for everyone to see because you want to help. That’s pretty powerful stuff.

    Although I’ve yet to meet Terrie (and I say “yet” because I hope that one day I will) my heart goes out to her & her family. I’ve seen a few families close to me go through losing a child and it’s rough. Quite honestly I don’t know how the ones without faith are able to get through it. Maybe they don’t and that’s why it’s so important to have that foundation. When I lost my best friend/ex-boyfriend/love of my life at that time I, thankfully, chose the strength of God at the fork in the road. I’d never had a particularly close relationship with him before that but losing Lewis had me seeking him, his strength, and guidance. I starting going to church regularly for the first time in my life and even joined a Bible study group. I learned a lot during that sad time in my life. Not nearly enough but it definitely started my journey.

    Thank you for this series. It’s helping me really give thought to my current relationship with God and how strong my foundation and faith are. You’re helping, my friend, so very much.
    cyndi recently posted..words from my hurty heart

  7. Mia says:

    This really made me cry. You are such a beautiful person and this video filled with your words couldn’t have been any more pure, genuine and whole hearted. Praying for Emily’s family. This is one of the most difficult and hard things in life.

  8. Steph Kaser says:

    Thank so much for this Tracie!! This is amazing! It made me cry! I miss Em so much but my faith is pulling me through!

  9. Terrie says:

    love you so much tracie….. you know that. we were put together from the start for a bigger purpose. and thank you to all others that commented and prayed for us. thank you so much for this beautiful tribute to Em, but most importantly God through Jesus Christ. Kathleen called me when you did this. We talked about how so many people are telling me I am strong and have so much faith…… and I don’t like it when they say it. Now it makes sense why I don’t like it. They are complimenting me, when I should be telling them it is God’s grace and His strength. there are two forks in the road and I choose faith! God bless all on their journey, especially my emmers and kikers and Greggie.

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  11. of course! says:

    […] My friend Terrie, along with her husband and daughter, came to visit just less than a month ago.  They called it their “maiden voyage” without Em.  If you’ve got, oh … about 12 minutes, you can learn more of their story here. […]

  12. Liz says:

    I usually can’t watch videos because I read your blogs at work on break! BUT I just watched this one…and WORD. Yes yes yes it still sucks you are still broken, but you are living for Eternal Life. YES. That is the only thing that has kept me going through hard times.

    I am so so sad for your friend and her family. My girl is Emily. She and I will pray for them.

  13. Sarah says:

    She is so blessed to have you as a friend. You have been walking such a terrible road yet you’re able to provide comfort to others and I think that’s amazing.
    I’m so sorry for the loss of Emily. I can’t even imagine. I am glad to know that they take comfort in the Lord.
    Thank you for sharing your heart, I needed to hear all of that!

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