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happy birthday :: happy anniversary

I honestly wasn’t planning on writing a post for the ol’ boy.  But after he excitedly ran up to me yesterday morning asking if I wanted to take a picture of him diving off a cliff … and after I looked at this photo with admiration … I decided I’d like to honor him on his special day {and our anniversary}.

Look at this guy.  He’s diving.  From a cliff.  Into a pile of rocks.  That’s my boy.  Plain and simple.

I love him for it and he drives me crazy for it.

He is an adventure freak and doesn’t seem to think much about the consequences.  I’ve pretty much given up on trying to tell him otherwise.  And I’m convinced this man has 9 {or more!} lives!

Let’s see … I’ll give you the short list on some of the lives he’s already used:

  1. He’s shot himself.  In the woods.  In the dark.  Early in the morning.
  2. He’s crashed an ultralight {plane} in the freezing cold waters of Lake Superior.
  3. He’s free-fallen in a {pressurized} helium balloon, attempting to make the world record to be the first to circle the globe in a balloon.  Finally stopped at 800 some feet before hitting the ground.

And how about a few things in our girls lives:

  1. Let them sit on the edge of a boat {that they shouldn’t of} and they fell into freezing water … before Wynter knew how to swim.  Piper surfaced, treading water, holding Wynter in one hand and her shoe in the other.
  2. He ties a sled to the back of a Suburban and takes them sledding through the northwoods.
  3. He has them hang on top of the Suburban and takes them through those same northwoods while holding on for dear life.
  4. He free-wheels over a golf course, in a golf cart … lost Wynter out of the cart and almost ran her over.

Okay … that’s enough … I’m starting to sweat a little. ;)

But you know what?  My kids love adventure.  They love finding creepy-crawlies … they hold creep-crawlies.  They know whether animals are nocturnal or not.  They know how to swim {yeah, after that spill with Wynter, we put them on the fast track!}.  They love big waves.  They know space and stars.  They’re honestly up for anything.

And it’s not because of me, that’s for sure.  I play it safe.  Pretty much all.of.the.time!

It’s because of this adventure-thrill-seeker man I married.

And that’s okay.  We give each other balance.  We’re yin and yang.  Black and white which equate the perfect shade of gray.

Happy Birthday & Happy Anniversary … you truly are my better half.

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16 Responses to “happy birthday :: happy anniversary”

  1. Tiffany says:

    Great post! He is a bit of a freak, isn’t he?! But agreed, you are the perfect shade of gray! Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to Curt!

  2. Leslie says:

    Well, since you blogged about it, I’m assuming he survived his dive into the rocks! LOL! Happy Birthday, cj, you daredevil!!

    As someone who is also married to her polar opposite in so many ways, I can appreciate the “perfect shade of gray”! It’s not always easy, but it certainly makes like a lot richer! Happy Anniversary to you guys!

  3. LobotoME says:

    oh my gosh, i just laughed so hard at this list….because my husband has a similar list to CJ’s….he is always doing stuff like that…he has jumped off out and out of stuff that I WOULD NEVER DO! ;) I remember the first time I went on a river trip w/ Will and watched him flip his kayak in a HUGE set of rapids Class V+ and come out the other side, smiling. I almost died of a heart attack but he was FINE. I made Will go to see a psychic once and she told him that he has more than 9 lives and a orange glow around him that is a protective hand. I was like, what?!?! :) Here’s to these men who will keep us young before they make us old & gray! Happy Birthday and Happy Celebration to both of you. xo, jenny :)

  4. Pam S. says:

    laughing! my hubby is also WAY more adventurous & it has produced a girl who will try anything, a mother who is a bit fearful & a balanced house. i prefer to think of it as complimentary colors. you stand out best beside him & he stands out best beside you. like lets say, orange and blue. double cheers to you both! make that proverbial leap each day. congrats!

  5. Pam S. says:

    btw, the pic is great. maybe a blowup canvas to honor his cliff-jumping spirit. i’ve started making canvases at mpix.com and like them. :)

  6. cyndi says:

    What a lovely post! Huge birthday wishes to CJ and anniversary wishes to you both. Hopefully Hunter is feeling better so you can celebrate all three things! The picture you took is awesome and while I hope Lee never wants to do any cliff jumping, if he does hopefully I can capture it as awesomely as you did! What a beautiful moment in time.

  7. Sue says:

    Wow, what a great picture CJ you thrill seeker! You’re both like peanut butter and jelly – you just go together :)
    Happy Anniversary!!!

  8. Michelle says:

    happy anniversary! and happy bday to your adventure takin’ man.

    goodness, reading over your list made me break into a sweat too! ha
    my girls would LOVE to do some of those things…..

  9. Stacey says:

    Awesomeness! He has to be a little dangerous with all those girls around! My husband rides a motorcycle and my friends think I am crazy for ‘letting’ him. I say, he needs a little bit of danger in his life, he is a man after all!

    Can’t wait to chat on Sunday!

  10. Heather says:

    That image is gorgeous!!! (and one I never would have gotten as I would have been too busy screaming or dialing 9.1…) Happy Anniversary to you both!! (and don’t go selling yourself short there with that better half business…you’re a pretty cool catch yourself!!) love you!

  11. cindy b. says:

    I can fly, I can fly …! Awesome picture. Happy Anniversary, Happy B-day to cj, and while we’re at it, Happy Cinco de Mayo ;)

  12. amy t says:

    Hey, Scott and I are black and white too! ; ) Seriously, I loved reading this. The whole letting them hang from the suburban, driving around with a sled attached to the back, etc… that totally sounds like something I’d do – and people call me crazy. :) You two do a nice job of balancing each other out – and that’s perfect!

  13. CHEERS to your anniversary—- how beautiful— the PERFECT shade of gray!!! And happy brithday to your thrill seeking CRAZY wild man!!!!

  14. Dawn says:

    okay, you had me scared for most of this… and then the last coupla lines? perfect shade of gray? now… i am teary. and all th words i gathered to write here are… gone.

  15. karen says:

    happy birthday, happy anniversary! happy amazing picture! (so glad you had a wonderful time & that he didn’t hit the rocks below!)

  16. Beth says:

    That is an awesome post! Congratulations on your anniversary and happy birthday to hubby!

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