I'm a redeemed child of God and the momma to four vivacious daughters. I'm passionate about finding hidden blessings in the trials of life, living it out in an honest and open way, while encouraging those around me to believe in better.


merry christmas 2012

One of the primary reasons God sent His Son to earth was to bring tender salve and relief to those whose hearts were broken.
~ Beth Moore

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted,
and he saves those whose spirits have been crushed.
Psalm 34:18 {NCV}

A child has been born to us;
God has given a son to us.
He will be responsible for leading the people.
His name will be Wonderful Counselor, Powerful God,
Father Who Lives Forever, Prince of Peace.
Power and peace will be in his kingdom
and will continue to grow forever.
Isaiah 9:6-7 {NCV}

I’ll be forever thankful for the saving power found in our Lord Jesus Christ.

For His joy.

His strength.

His grace.

His mercy.

His blessing.

His peace.

And His mighty love.

Wishing you all the merriest and most blessed Christmas ever!

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9 Responses to “merry christmas 2012”

  1. Southern Gal says:

    Merry Christmas, Tracie. Your girls are beautiful just like their mama.

  2. dawn says:

    merry, merry Christmas! i adore the series of photos! wrapping you & your family in healing, happy prayers!

  3. Merry Christmas sweet friend!


  4. Sally says:

    Dearest Tracie: On this Christmas Eve, I want you to know you are a remarkable Mom. You are showing your four daughters that life is enriched with faith, hope, and courage. You are letting them know that they can accomplish anything they put their minds and hearts into. You are strong, full of God’s grace, and a wonderful example to look up to. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. May your holiday be blessed, safe, and wonderful. xo, Sally
    P.S. Thank you for sharing the joy of your most precious gifts . . . your four beautiful daughters.

  5. Lauren L. says:

    Absolutely beautiful in a variety of ways. I love seeing your work – in front of and from behind the camera in the same shot. Merry Christmas!

  6. Susan Lesperance says:

    Tracie, thank you for sharing your wonderful family photos with us…sending you and your beautiful daughters a Christmas wish filled with many blessings, laughter, joy and abundant love…always. Enjoy the rest of the season…and may your 2013 be a bright and beautiful one.

  7. Km says:

    The most beautiful and precious girlies! The most amazing mama! Happy Christmas!!!!!!

  8. <3 you girls! ::hugs::

  9. Michelle says:

    Your color composition in these photos is brilliant. Beautiful girls to photograph. I wish more people can see this is the right way to take beach pictures!

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