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on becoming a writer :: book review

BecomingWriter 3D 324 I feel so blessed to have met some amazingly talented women around this ol’ World Wide Web thing! Especially when I can call them friend!

And so it is with Denise.

My friend Denise just wrote her first book and I was lucky enough to receive a preview copy. Denise is beautiful inside and out, and knows this craft of writing pretty well.

You see, not only is Denise a blogger, she’s also a writing professor. Does that intimidate any other writers out there? No? Just me then … carry on. :)

So what of this new book? As someone who’s both a blogger and writer aficionado, Denise’s On Becoming a Writer is chock-full of wisdom on writing in an easy-to-read-and-understand-sort-of-way.

Denise is the ultimate encourager and this book is proof. She believes “every blogger has a unique story — a unique purpose — for writing.” And her “deepest heart’s desire is to come alongside other bloggers to encourage them.”

Her simple definition of a writer is “someone who has something to say and wants to say it well.” And On Becoming a Writer is just that … an easy read for guide those of us who have something to say and want to say it well.

I highly encourage any blogger or writer to get a copy of On Becoming a Writer! It’s available on Amazon now for only $4.99. Go. Quick!

Is there an area of writing you struggle with?

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2 Responses to “on becoming a writer :: book review”

  1. Tracie, I too am grateful to be able to call you “friend.” I’m so glad we were able to meet last summer at She Speaks. I just love your authenticity and heart for God. You’re a beautiful person and a beautiful writer.

    Thank you for sharing this e-book with others. I am so humbled by your words here. Thank you.
    Denise J. Hughes recently posted..Mended by Mercy ~ Week 6

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