I'm a redeemed child of God and the momma to four vivacious daughters. I'm passionate about finding hidden blessings in the trials of life, living it out in an honest and open way, while encouraging those around me to believe in better.


photo session in exuma

Moms … don’t let moms take photos of their kids!  You know how Oprah coined the “ugly cry?” … well, I think I may have just coined “ugly mom taking photos!”  Why in the world is it so difficult to take photos of your own kids!  And I guess it doesn’t help that there are four of them!  These girls made me work for each and every photo!  Enjoy! ;)

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18 Responses to “photo session in exuma”

  1. Tracie,
    Your daughters are beautiful and so are these images!! And fun! You may say they made you work for them, but you made the end result look easy, breezy! Your images always stand out.

  2. Cat Moore says:

    Oh my word, these are beautiful! Those dresses! love them. My fave is the one where Taylor is crosses her eyes. ha! i almost spit out my coffee! :)

  3. LobotoME says:

    those are beautiful pictures! where are the girls dresses from/ with the ribbon straps? love!

  4. Donna says:

    beautiful girls!!!!

  5. Heather says:

    I can only imagine the process, but the end result is SO beautiful (and sometimes silly too)! Love these and think you do amazing work (both creating & capturing these gorgeous girlies)!

  6. tracie says:

    p.s. the dresses are about a year old from crewcuts :)

  7. adriana says:

    four beautiful ladies!… well, 5 including the mommy! <3

  8. You’ve got yourself a gorgeous bunch of girls!

  9. Marta says:

    Wow – just beautiful. Love them all, especially the black and white one. I can’t believe how grown up Huntie looks! I can still hear her saying Mawina!

  10. LobotoME says:

    fixing my typo! ;-)

  11. Amy says:

    beautiful girls. amazing mama. :)

  12. Kate says:

    Your girls are sooo gorgeous and I LOVE these images!!! Beautiful!!!

  13. Debbi says:

    Beautiful :)

  14. Jan says:

    Beautiful pictures taken by a beautiful mom who should be in at least one of the pictures!

  15. Brigitte Short says:

    Such beautiful girls, inside and out. Just like their Mama!
    Beautiful Tracie!

  16. jj says:

    It makes me wonder why you take such sad note of yourself in the comment. Be Strong. Don’t ask, just BE. Psalm 46:10

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