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together in 10!

I’m a wee bit giddy to be a contributor over at the new fashion blog Jessica put together! I may or may not’ve begged a little {just a little} to join.

I love fashion. I love clothes. I love dressing up.

But somehow it doesn’t seem like something I should talk about.

I even tried my hand at my own little Outfit Of The Day linkup. But it kinda didn’t catch on. At all.

And so I quickly pulled the plug.

But when I saw that Jessica had started a new fashion blog with a group of amazing Christian women and bloggers, it seemed like the perfect place for my inner fashionista to come alive!

Join me for my very first Together in Ten post?

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2 Responses to “together in 10!”

  1. Yay you for writing over there, I’ve loved your outfits on Instagram.

    Just realized I didn’t update my Google Reader with your new site but when I went to resubscribe, Reader isn’t recognizing your address. I can’t seem to find your RSS feed on the site either. Is it just me?

  2. katherine marie says:

    YOUR fashion ideas are just WONDERFULLY creative, pretty and fun… I’m so happy for you. I wish I was into fashion, but I just can’t seem to make it happen for me! BUT I celebrate your STYLE with a smile!!!! :) I love your new BLOG design!!!! It’s so perfectly YOU!!!!

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