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working on her bio …

Wynter had a book report to finish up, but needed to include her autobiography. As she sat at the table wondering what she should write about herself, I couldn’t help but notice she looked EXACTLY how I feel when I’m writing. The hands, the eyes, the furrowed brow … most importantly you’ll note the “no-fingers-on-the-keyboard-action!”

I gotta admit, tears came when I read what she {finally} did write.

Wynter Johnson is a sister to five. She loves playing with her family. She also likes to cook. She loves to walk her dogs down the road. She also likes to play with her dogs. She is 9 years old. Her birthday is November 3, 2003. She was raised in Wisconsin, but moved to North Carolina. In Wisconsin she left a very important friend. Her name was Audrey and Wynter is never going to forget her.

I can’t help but wonder at what point in her writing I captured this photo. Was she thinking about her family? Missing her dogs? Remembering our move? Or reminiscing about a very important relationship in her life?

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5 Responses to “working on her bio …”

  1. dawn says:

    i loved this picture when you posted it… and love it even more with your words, and hers! and of course i giggled at the “no fingers on the keyboard action!” hee, hee!! i think that each of your girls captured a piece of my heart through your blog, but meeting them and playing with them just brought them into my heart just a little more. and this one, with her “shop” and her serious eyes… tugs at my heart with this post and all of the life and bumps in the road she has tucked away. but this, i know… that God will take each bump and roll it out into beauty.
    dawn recently posted..for today…

  2. reeve says:

    such a lovely post:)

    btw – i also started redeeming love this week!
    reeve recently posted..generosity & blessings

  3. Cat Moore says:

    Ok, I don’t know what is up with me today….SUPER emotional…..and this post just touched me and I cried. So sweet. I love it. so proud of her (and YOU…and all your girls….) Will we get to read her bio? ;)

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