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a “pin” gone wrong

In theory, this awesomeness from pinterest is a sweet-lover’s dream recipe! In practicality … summin’ gone wrong!

So you start with a few simple ingredients …

Press the cookie dough into each tin well; place a Reese’s on top of the cookie dough; pour prepared brownie batter on top of that; and bake at 350 for 18ish minutes.

YUM, right?! Okay, but be honest … are you thinking these are looking a little “off?” Just a little?

Yeah … cuz they were! I ended up with a Pinstrosity. The photo above shows the best of the best …

This is what the rest of them looked like.

I’m not quite sure what I did wrong. Anyone?

Regardless, I’m not gonna lie … the pairing of these ingredients didn’t keep me from nibbling on their yumminess. Ugly maybe, but tasty none-the-less.

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7 Responses to “a “pin” gone wrong”

  1. Lauren S. says:

    I bet they were yummy!

    I made one recipe that was a casserole pan, with cookie dough pressed to the bottom, then a layer of Oreos, then pour brownie batter on top. It was yummy but it looked like a hot mess too!
    Lauren S. recently posted..FEATURED | Vintage Aircraft Styled Shoot on Le Magnifique Inspiration Blog!

  2. Su R. says:

    I think the thing that undoes this is the size of the peanut butter cup vs the muffin tin. Too much sugar, that melts at a much lower temp than the cookie and brownie cook, causing it to not stick together and essentially fall apart. I also think that this would maybe work with cookie on top and bottom as the dough is thicker and would contain the sugar/peanut butter, but the brownie batter wants to flow. (full disclosure, I have a Food Science degree). That being said – I think my Pinterest success with recipes is only 50:50

  3. heather says:

    You know, if they are going to be crumbly, you might as well turn them into an ice cream topping. Yes, add something even more treat-ey to really yummy-looking treats!
    heather recently posted..Lace up

  4. km says:

    i’d still eat em up!!!! :)

  5. Stephanie says:

    Who cares what it looks like; it had to be delicious!!! I absolutely love using a mini-muffin tin with chocolate chip cookie dough. Then as soon as you take them out, put in the small Reese’s cups. I could eat my weight in these.

  6. disaster or not, they sound delicious. may have to give ’em a whirl. they wouldn’t be the first time i DIDN’T turn away an ugly dessert! :)
    keely aka LKP recently posted..How to Make a Mom Cry for LESS Than $8

  7. Davonne says:

    I’ve made something similar using cookie dough on top and bottom and had the same results, but found if you use paper baking cups it works better.

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