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dad’s annual boating accident

dad's annual boating accident

That was the subject line of an email CJ sent Saturday afternoon.

He had taken the girls up to the lake this weekend while I was at the workshop. I’m thankful for that, but oh my word!

My phone was out of service and battery most of the day, but I was finally able to charge it before we headed back to the hotel Saturday night. So all I can see is the subject line and the words “just sitting there in the bay and she leaned over too much.” I had no service, knew there was an attachment, but couldn’t open it.

It was too late to call and a very long 45 minute car ride back to the hotel!

Poor Wynter!

I think I’ve mentioned before how these things always seem to happen on dad’s watch? I’m not sure why or how … they just do …

A couple of years ago, he had Wynter and Piper sitting on the back of the boat and the piece they were sitting on collapsed! Into the water they went. Wynter didn’t know how to swim at the time … so Piper pulls Wynter up out of the water and is treading water holding Wynter in one hand and a shoe in the other. Ay-yi-yi!

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2 Responses to “dad’s annual boating accident”

  1. Leslie says:

    Oh! Such a sad face!!! :( Things like that do seem to happen while in Dad’s care in this family, too. My husband has learned it’s better not not to report them to me (although I tend to find out anyways!)

    Perhaps this is why my hubs took the kids up flying for the first time — when I was at a work conference in San Antonio a few years ago. He knew I was too far away to do anything about it, and couldn’t exactly protest once it was done! I guess it was better that way. I’ve flown with Mike a gazillion times and swear he’s an awesome pilot . . .but the thought of sending my kids up in the air was too much for my mommy brain and heart to fathom! Thankfully, it went without incident. He’s darn lucky. ;-)

  2. Pam S. says:

    don’t be too hard on the guy. kudos for taking them out. i think the foibles stick out, don’t you? (mine took the kids out on ice in march & my daughter went through the ice to her waist! i was a bit upset, emma was fine. phew!) enjoy them all when you’re home.

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