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god is in the details …

The girls and I were unexpectedly blessed this weekend and I wanted to share how I believe God is in the detail business!

Piper was set to have a “marathon” sleepover this weekend.  Her friend {and her friend’s sister} would be sleeping over both Friday and Saturday nights.  But when I met up with the girl’s mom {also a new friend of mine} for the transfer of weekend necessities, she told me they were surprising the girls {and their family, they have 6 kids}, with a weekend trip to the beach.  They’d just closed on their new beach house the day before.  So that meant only one night sleepover.

Only she didn’t want me to tell the girls because she was going to surprise them the next day.  My heart pretty much immediately broke for Piper, as this sleepover weekend was all she’d talked about last week!

Anyway, come Saturday morning, I covered Piper in my prayers and started thinking of some other fun things we could do that day.  A couple hours later, whaddaya know? I get a call from my friend with a crazy idea!  She invited the girls and I to go with for the weekend.  She knew I didn’t have anything else going on and said they had plenty of room.

Yes!  Yes, we’d love to go!  And when we finally told the girls, they were all ecstatic!

With my four, her six, two other friends, and 3 adults … there were 15 of us in 3 cars headed to Isle of Palms, SC!

The beach house was beautiful and well … right on the beach!  I’d never stayed on a coastal beach before … just tropical.  So this was something different for us and we all had a great time!  I even got an adult night out to dinner while all the teens stayed home with the younger kids.

Anyway.  I was worried and hurting for what I knew would be Piper’s hurting heart.  I prayed for her Saturday morning and literally a couple hours later, an unexpected blessing came our way.  It’s one small way {if you choose to look at it that way} to see that God is in the detail business.  He cares about our hurts and worries.

Ann is once again counting 1000 gifts in a years time.  She’s calling it the Joy Dare and has invited all of us to join her.  I’m in!  And so are my girls.

This year especially, I want to be uber-aware … I want my girls to be uber-aware of every detail, every blessing, every gift that comes their way.  How better to understand and recognize that God is on our side, is with us always, and cares about the smallest of details?

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12 Responses to “god is in the details …”

  1. Molly says:

    Love this~ what a great surprise and yes, He is in the details~ it’s just so easy to forget that at times~ thanks for the reminder. Love you lots friend!!!!!!!

  2. Leslie says:

    BEAUTIFUL!! So happy that you had such an unexpectedly lovely weekend! Such a blessing!!

  3. I LOVE IT!!! What a great blessing God gave! I love little sponateaous trips like that!!!

  4. heather says:

    Sounds like a fun weekend and I’m sure you learned that coastal beaches are a little more chilly. :-)

  5. Barbie says:

    What a beautiful blessing for your and your girls. I am in too, in this Joy Dare. I counted last year, but didn’t get very far. This year I want to be much more intentional.

  6. ohhhh what a delight– GOD surprises are just wonderful—always better than anything we could actually plan. :) xoxoxoxo!

  7. love this story – He does work out the details so perfectly, doesn’t He?!?!

    And we LOVE Isle of Palms!! That is the beach we most often frequent of all the beaches in a 3-4 hour drive from here!! :)

  8. Sue says:

    How Beautiful…..I would like to hear more about the count 1000 gifts……sounds interesting

    Fruity Lemonade

  9. Desiray says:

    God is always in the details what a blessing sometimes I think we tend to leave Him out of things when He want to be included. Great post

  10. Cat Moore says:

    You are so cute, I can’t believe you haven’t been to a coastal beach front!!!! Wow. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Charleston, SC and the beaches near by. It’s my DREAM to live there one day. :) Such charming towns. Sounds like such fun. Hope it was relaxing. :) love you!

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  12. Ronald Garthoff says:

    Really a great story, I sometimes find it totally amazing how God Works things out for us. When we seem tobe worried about the little things, He steps in and takes care of EVERYTHING.

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