I'm a redeemed child of God and the momma to four vivacious daughters. I'm passionate about finding hidden blessings in the trials of life, living it out in an honest and open way, while encouraging those around me to believe in better.


pouring into her heart-bank …

It was “daddy morning” at school. And we’re currently without a daddy.

Of course my mommy heart hurt for her, but her soon-to-be six year old heart took it in stride.

My girls definitely see their days of heart-pain, but I’m so forever, forever grateful that the Lord has guarded their hearts and minds.

I’m thankful their heart-banks had already been filled to overflowing with love, a secure foundation, and affirmations. So much so, that when a painful life transition came their way, they were … for the most part … able to take it in stride.


So it’s daddy morning and what’s a daddyless mommy to do? Continue to pour into my babygirl’s heart-bank of course!

I kept her home from school and we filled the morning with some special mommy/Hunter time …

the simple pleasure of a lollipop while getting
the car washed –
my girls love the car wash!

model magic fun!

H + M
mommy loves hunter

babygirl loves all things postal!

Barnes & Noble – our fav stomping grounds

yep … mommy loves her hunter

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7 Responses to “pouring into her heart-bank …”

  1. CheezyK says:

    Who doesn’t love a car wash?! Sounds like a lovely morning was had by you both.
    CheezyK recently posted..Travelday – Riomaggiore

  2. Holly says:

    Sweet! Looks like you had a great morning together!
    I remember being absolutely petrified of the car wash when I was little! For some reason I thought the brushes were going to come into the car and “get” me. Goodness knows where that idea came from! Haha!
    Holly recently posted..Super Informative Health Update – March 2012

  3. vikki says:

    You are a very special mom with very special girls!!!!

  4. dawn says:

    oh sweet friend… little bit teary hearing your truth today. and you, filling her heart with your own, which is probably feeling a little un-full itself. but as a mama, it is our job, to put their hearts before our own. you shine at that :)

    i am always amazed at l & c… how they can just go with the flow, live in the moment that is presented. i believe it is a gift they were created with… God knowing what they’d need for their journey.

    dawn recently posted..when hours seem like days…

  5. Melanie Cross says:

    You are a terrific mommy!

  6. obx888 says:

    you are the best mommy in the world! :)

  7. Katy @ LLLC says:

    So sweet. You are an amazing Mom. <3

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