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pumpkins … already?!

CJ was out of town for a few days this week … so the girls and I found ourselves looking for a bit of action.  Enter, the pumpkin farm.  Can you believe it’s that time already?

It was a brisk, Wisconsin afternoon … so we were pretty much the only ones there … which was just fine with us!  We were freezing … hmm, wonder if the ice cream their eating has anything to do with that?  :)

Okay, and see this photo of Hunter squeezing her one eye closed and pointing?  This is my absolute favorite face of hers and can’t believe I finally caught it on camera!  I want to squeeze her to pieces when she does this!

Anyway, we had a great afternoon … and I got a few caramel apples outta the deal … all-in-all … success!

2009 fall collage

Okay, and look. at. this!!  As I was taking the photo of Piper, I had a flashback of taking the same photo years earlier.  I hunted it down … six years ago!  She was a mere 18 months old!  Seriously, where do the days … years … go?

piper growth chart

I pray this Fall season is off to a great start for you and full of pumpkins, apples … and of course caramels!  :)

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5 Responses to “pumpkins … already?!”

  1. LobotoME says:

    such cute pics of the kids! happy fall!

  2. Trish says:

    Beautiful girls! Don’t blink…before you know it, they’ll be 18 and 20 like mine are!! Cherish every moment with them!

  3. Leslie says:

    Oh sweet! I have a hankerin’ for a caramel apple, now, thankyouverymuch!! Love the photos of Piper! Makes me want to dig out the ones I’ve taken at Swan’s over the years and put together a little album of some sort!

  4. Granny/Mom says:

    I cannot believe how fast the time goes and how fast they grow up. Piper dosnt look like she grew much though (according to the chart she is standing next to) or is it my eyes :-) Looks like they really improved Apple Holler from the last time we were there.

  5. Brigitte Short says:

    OMGoodness…Piper is sooo adorable!!! Such a beautiful girl :)
    Looks like they all had a great time. I think I’ll be taking my kids on a field trip this week.

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