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spring break 2010 :: easter in exuma {post three}

Ahhh … if we could only spend every Easter in Exuma!  Heaven on earth {as far as I’m concerned}!

The Easter Bunny did a great job of hiding eggs and baskets … and the girls did a great job of finding them.  And as per usual … we found a “lost” egg later in the afternoon.  That bunny really should do a better job of keeping track where he leaves those eggs! ;)

In case you’re wondering … I had their baskets shipped down ahead of time.

The only super bummer was that I totally forgot to give the girls their personalized Easter jammies the night before! :(

I suppose they’re still cutie pies, huh?!

Lastly, the girls have taken to climbing a large tree we have in the back.  They’ve been spending a lot of time up there lately … even the baby has learned how to get up there.

So where do you think we found them after church?  They brought their loot up into the tree with them, found a place to hang each of their baskets and then proceeded to hang out themselves!  Seriously, to be a kid again … does this not look like the best way to spend an afternoon?

We seriously had the best Easter … and pretty much did nothing!  Maybe that was why.  As much as I missed my family today and our traditional brunch and Easter games with the kids … and of course my home church service … it was kinda nice to have nothing on the agenda.

It also helped to start off the morning with another great service!  The guest pastor spoke on the Resurrection Power and it was nothing short of … powerful!  People were “Hallelujahing” and “Praise Goding” all through the service.  My absolute favorite part was hearing the pastors wife say “uh-huh preacher!”  or sometimes she’d just shout “preach it!”  Loved it!

Other than church, we had a quiet lunch of spaghettios, watching movies, book reading and ordered some take-out for dinner.  Perfect, I’d say!

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8 Responses to “spring break 2010 :: easter in exuma {post three}”

  1. Cathy says:

    Love it! :) I totally couldn’t help but laugh at the “Hi I’m Piper” written down her arm. What a fun and beautiful Easter!

  2. heather says:

    sounds like the perfect day! and i love the quiet tree hangout! looks like a great place to concentrate too, perhaps this should be your new classroom?

  3. cyndi says:

    What a lovely way to spend the day! I love how the girls found their way into the tree for a bit of relaxation. So stinkin’ cute! Your comment on finding a lost egg later in the day reminds me of my Easters growing up. We’d always go to my grandma’s for a big Easter egg hunt and all the grandkids would go nuts searching. Each and every year we’d think we found them all but the count never added up to what had been hidden. After a few years of finding “lost” eggs the following year they switched to using plastic eggs :-) Lucky for us there was always a little money inside! Oh how I miss those days of simple pleasures.

  4. elaine says:

    I found your blog a few weeks ago and love it so much! I remember hanging out in trees SO much as a child. My dad would build us tree houses around the tree, one of my favorite childhood memories by far. Love your website and blog!

  5. Looks like a SERIOUSLY BLISSLFUL Easter celebration. What a blessing to experience a tiny slice of heaven on earth!!!!

  6. Michelle says:

    that does sound like a most wonderful day.
    love the pictures of the girls in the tree. I’ll have to show my girls, they love climbing trees….they’ve never thought to take a book or paper with them ;)

  7. Dawn says:

    i would love to be sittin’ in that tree! waht a beautiful spot… for reading and for easter. looks glorious!

  8. Wow, this was a sweet, super sweet post. I loved seeing the kids and the baskets. Loved knowing you had a peaceful day. Knowing you had spagettios made me smile.

    And thank you for your comments on my blog. I love your blog. Hope to visit more often, as the Lord allows.

    Until then, peace and love from Colorado!

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