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sure! {repost}

Another great reminder to make memories …
{original post 9.7.10}

What’s your parenting style?  Do you reserve your “no’s” for when you really need them?  Do you say yes more than you say no?  Do you think before you say no?

The other day the girls asked if they could color their hair.  With markers.

I thought a minute and answered, “sure!”

When my girls are grown and gone … those are the moments I want them to remember.  In the midst of the morning chaos, mom took 5 minutes to slow time and make memories.

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2 Responses to “sure! {repost}”

  1. Liz says:

    I struggle with making a “perfect” life versus making a life that’s perfect for us…and this is a great reminder! Especially since we have more houseguests coming tonight and tomorrow 30 plus relatives for a party – no one cares how clean and organized I am, they want ME to be ME. And it’s more important for my child to have happy memories than a perfectly clean floor! Sigh. :-)

  2. I REMEMBER this… seems like YESTERDAY! My how THEY CHANGE… MY how WE CHANGE! I’m a yes and no mama. Would like to add more YES in the future. :)
    katherinemarie recently posted..Park & Prayer

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