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growth in the lord

I am so incredibly proud of my girls and the relationship they are developing with God.  I’ve learned over the last year how very important it is to take small, intentional learning moments and fill them with Jesus.

I think sometimes, as parents, we get down on ourselves for not doing enough in teaching our children about God and Biblical principles.  But what I’ve learned is those moments don’t have big, drawn out, educational moments.  If you’re living it, talking it, breathing it and most importantly, aware of it … those moments happen throughout the day in the normal course of living.

Here’s a small example, and maybe one of my favorites … I’ve got a couple of fibbers storytellers on my hands who like to either embellish or hide the truth.  Something I’ve started asking them {and now they’ll even ask each other} is, “Is that what Jesus saw happen?”  Every. time. that’ll draw a sheepish face and apology.

Anyway … here are some things I wanted to share that my girls recently did on their own.

First, Piper’s note to her penpal:

Do you believe in God and Jesus?  Because Jesus died on the cross for our
sins and do you read the Bible because it’s good to read the Bible.
From your friend, Piper

And these are Wynter’s notes.  She’ll write down different Scripture verses or nuggets she got from a devotion we’ve read {she still does a lot of phonetical spelling, so I’ll translate}:

Three notes you should know.
When you are sad don’t feel so bad, cuz God is with you wherever you go.
If you don’t have a Bible you should get one.  If you don’t know God you should read the Bible.
Don’t feel bad it’s all still in you.  You just have to look deep enough and you will find it in your heart.

I was in awe the other day when Wynter and I were having an “I love you more” conversation … she put the convo in a dead-halt when she said “but God loves us the most.”  I sure couldn’t top that one!

Lastly, my love Taylor.  She’s been struggling with some things lately and my heart melted when she posted her Scripture for the year as her Facebook status.

And then she sent me a random email the other day saying I should post this song on my blog … so I am.  I pray it blesses you all …

If We’ve Ever Needed You
:: Casting Crowns ::

Hear our cry, Lord, we pray
Our faces down, our hands are raised
You called us out, we turned away
We’ve turned away

With shipwrecked faith the idols rise
We do what is right in our own eyes
Our children now will pay the price
We need Your light, Lord, shine Your light

:: chorus ::
If we’ve ever needed You
Lord, it’s now, Lord, it’s now
We are desperate for Your hand
We’re reaching out, we’re reaching out

All our hearts, all our strength
With all our minds, we’re at Your feet
May Your kingdom come in our hearts and lives
Let Your church arise, let Your church arise

:: chorus ::

:: chorus ::

:: chorus ::

We need You now
Revive us now
We need You now

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9 Responses to “growth in the lord”

  1. paula says:

    this is so wonderful. Love being able to see our children grow in the Lord.

  2. dawn says:

    i was always scared not just to witness, but to talk about Jesus. but when i heard a song (Jesus, real loud) i realized that i am who i am in Him, and if i can’t talk freely about Him and how He is a part of my everyday, then i am not me. so i started small. and one day my friend told me that my life was a witness to Jesus… and i was shocked (and relieved! haha!) and so yes, i agree :) breathing His love, speaking it, being aware of it… it all works together in the quiet between the teaching.

    i love handwriting… and so i think i double love the little notes :) and those plans? i just know deep into my soul that the plans are lovely and true… and that her story, too, will be God-given.

  3. Stacey says:

    Your story is one that God will use to draw many to Himself. I believe that friend! Praying for you today, that He will cover you in grace and that you will find those secret treasures in the darkness!

    much love.

  4. granny/mom says:

    You are a wonderful mother,the love of the Lord shines , not only through your words but through your life.

  5. Christine J says:

    very powerful – thank you.

  6. Mike says:

    Your faith is strong and your love of your girls is even stronger! Thoughts and prayers are with you! You have wonderful girls that love you. Live that great feeling all of the time.

  7. wow, if this isn’t one of the BEST mom-high-5’s to receive i don’t know what is! seriously. if you were EVER needing validation, here it is in your girls. :) don’t you just love when Heavenly Father sends you these status updates in your children? i have the same happen with my daisy every once in a while. i’m so glad you document them here on your blog. makes a huge difference in those moments of second-guessing, to be able to come back to your blog and “remember”….i have noticed quite a bit in my own personal scripture study that “remember, remember” is used frequently. i’m thinking that these are some of the ways we’re intended to do just that, remember. love you!

  8. cat moore says:

    very touching. so proud of the mother you are. and, so proud of taylor! can i be her FB friend? ;)

  9. Beautiful. JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!

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