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12 Oct

one hand, two hands :: max lucado

That’s right folks!  I’m a Tommy Mommy!!  A Tommy-who, you might be asking?  Tommy Nelson is the children’s division of Thomas Nelson, Inc. and they are seriously all kinds o’ cool!  And since I’ve agreed to be a “Tommy Mommy” it means all kinds o’ cool for you!

How does it work exactly?  Well … Tommy Nelson sends me new books to review … and … to giveaway!  I’ve currently got 3 copies of Max Lucado’s new children’s book “One Hand, Two Hands” to give to three of you!  This brand new children’s book from Max is part of his 2010 OUTLIVE YOUR LIFE campaign. With rhyming text that’s easy to follow along with motions – it teaches little ones ways to do God’s work with their tiny hands.

I’ve got to say … I’m pretty excited about Max’s new campaign … so much so, that it’s my current home bible-study topic.  I feel many people are going to be blessed by it … and I’m not talking about the receiving part of the campaign!  I urge you to check it out

So who’s ready for a giveaway?

  • as with all my giveaways, leave any ol’ comment
  • you can enter a 2nd time by tweeting the giveaway {just be sure to come back and leave another comment}
  • you can enter a 3rd time by facebooking the giveaway {just be sure to come back and leave another comment}
  • you can enter a 4th time if you blog about it {just be sure to come back and leave another comment}

Giveaway ends Thursday, October 14 at Midnight {CST} and I’ll picking 3 winners via random.org and will post the winners on Friday morning … good luck!!

Oh! and as a fun bonus, click here to download some fun coloring sheets for your kiddos!

And as a double-fun bonus … here’s a clip of the girls “reviewing” the book and sharing what they took away from it.  Please forgive the boat radio in the background!  We were on vacay when I filmed it and was so into what the kids were saying that I didn’t realize it was cutting us off!  Enjoy!

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24 May

traveling with children

And that’s the wonderful thing about family travel;
it provides you with experiences that will remain
locked forever in the scar tissue of your mind.
~Dave Barry

Venice, Italy – 2006
Taylor :: 11
Piper :: 4
Wynter :: 2 1/2
Hunter :: 3 months

Paris, France – 2008
Taylor :: 13
Piper :: 6
Wynter :: 4
Hunter :: 2

As you may have figured out by now … I don’t shy away from travel!  Nor do I shy away from traveling with my family … no matter their age.  I don’t know what I’d do without the memories we’ve created while traveling.

The girls have all had passports since infancy and the earliest flight I remember one of them on was Wynter at 11 days old.

We’ve taken a 3 month old to the Galapagos Islands, a 16 month old to the outer regions of Australia, and a 4 month old to the Canary Islands … just to name a few.

I’m guest posting at Unforgettable Childhood today sharing my experiences and advice when traveling with children.  I encourage you to join me over there …

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22 Apr

tooth fairy goodness

I found this on my favorite new-to-me blog, My Life My Loves and had to share it!

It’s a Tooth Fairy door!  A door. for the Tooth Fairy!  It measures about 10 inches tall and 6 inches wide.  And it’s customizable with colors and framing.  LOVE!

Another genius Tooth Fairy goodie … the world’s smallest letter!  My friend Tiffany sent me one of these beauties not too long ago … just a note of thanks and friendship.  But they can also send a letter from the Tooth Fairy.  Comes complete with a little magnifying glass and everything.  Too cute!

I think what’s next should be some sort of iPhone app with a loud alarm/reminder … so that darn fairy remembers to show up on time! ;)

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15 Mar

donation idea :: kid style

The private school our kids attend, holds an important fundraiser every year.  Close to half the children attending are there on scholarships, so this auction is pretty important to many.

One of the things I love most is the “kid art.”  And boy, have we gotten ourselves a few pieces over the years!  The things that are created are actually pretty cool though.

Case-in-point … this “alphabet art.”  Hunter’s in the letters C, H, J, Q, and W.

So yeah … this is Hunter’s class.  This is the third year doing this project and it’s been a big seller!  I’ve never taken the photos for it before, but this year the woman who usually takes them wasn’t able to and suggested me.  Lucky me! ;)

I took these of Hunter’s class and also the other Early School class.

We bid on this art piece {and won} the first year it was offered … with Wynter’s class.  We’ve also got a class quilt, a large wooden playhouse, a ceramic tea set {complete with ceramic treats}, a drawing of the world with each classmate drawn at the edge of the world … and I’m sure various other things I’m just not recalling at the moment.

Anyway … I wanted to post this because I think it’s a great idea for a school that’s looking for an easy fundraiser idea.  So easy to do, little investment, but yields big results {ahem, $$}.  :)

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9 Jun

get your children journaling

Did you see this in Real Simple?  I thought it was genius!

What a fabulous way to get your children journaling.  How?  Simple!

  1. keep a small notebook close by with colored pencils or crayons
  2. each evening ask, “what color was your day?”
  3. let your child choose a color and get to work
  4. finish by asking a simple question about their ‘color’
  5. jot their answer down on a label

I’m definitely going to add this to my ‘post-bwp‘ goals … love it!  Anyone know where I can get a good journal?  ;)

children's journal idea

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