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happy new year’s eve

As I’ve mentioned, we’re down here in Mexico having a great time.  ‘Cept for the one rainy day, we’ve had great weather, great food, great family time!

We’re eating breakfast in the room this morning, so I have a little extra time and thought I’d post some of our Christmas photos.

As you can tell from the lighting … we started our Christmas morning out very early!

The kids get one present from Santa each year … it’s always something special and wrapped in red …

I love these two images.  Hunter was just sitting there looking at the tree and gifts … for me, there’s such wonder in that image.

And the other … love her amongst the wrapping paper and boxes and chaos!  She looks so little and everything around her looks so “big.”

Okay … major kudos to dad!  He was all over the zhu-zhu pet thing … before they were sold out and popular!  He had gotten the girls each one and also some of the fun accouterments.

Only trouble?  In true careless CJ style … he left them all out in his office.  Since I’ve moved to my new office last year, the girls don’t go up to his very often anymore … they’re usually found hanging out in mine … but still!

Hunter wandered up to his office one day looking for him and came down with a couple boxes of zhu-zhu pets.  The girls were beside themselves.  I didn’t realize at that point the “hugeness” of them … or that he’d gotten them for Christmas.  I just told the girls they’d have to wait for dad to get home and ask.

“No.” was his answer.  “They’re for Christmas.”  And tears ensued.

Nice move dad.

Anyway … so this is Wynter kissing her zhu-zhu pet when she opened it.  And little Huntie smothering mothering hers.

Here’s Hunt with a webkinz and Taylor with her Santa gift … a new Macbook.  She wasn’t expecting much for Christmas this year.  I mean, yeah … she’s on the naughty list and all {kidding … sorta} … but here’s the story …

She’s been asking to get her bedroom remodeled.  I’ve been putting her off and putting her off, but finally thought it might be a good Christmas gift for her, so started getting bids.

Well … after meeting with the contractor one afternoon and reviewing the space, I thought we were all set and would pull off the surprise swimmingly!  They were even going to draw up some 3D images that I would give her as a present.

That is until she comes downstairs later that night holding the plans in her hand asking, “what’s this about?”

Crumb!  Are you kidding me?!?

I had to spill it all …

Anyway … she got a new Macbook … and yes, I’m deducting it from the contractor’s bill!  {kidding … sorta}

And a few other random images.  But can I just mention … see Hunter with that xylophone?  That thing was impossible to get!  Impossible!

I didn’t want just any toy xylophone and this one was a nice cross between both worlds.  Around $30ish bucks and oh so pretty!  But it was out of stock at every site I found.

Finally!  Bingo!  Found one in stock and ordered it.  Wait … hold up!  The phone rings and it’s the company apologizing, but she was at the store til 10pm the night before and shipped out her last xylophone.  Can you believe it?

I finally found one online at Saks.  Seriously.  A xylophone from Saks.

But the Christmas present of all presents?  My nephew Brett returned home from Iraq for the holidays!!

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2 Responses to “happy new year’s eve”

  1. Heather says:

    i still don’t “get” the zhu zhu pets but have a friend who spend upwards of $300 for one for his daughter! Yikes! You can definitely tell your searching for the xylophone was worth it…she looks thrilled! And yeah for Brett being home! :-) Looks like you guys had a FABULOUS Christmas!!!

  2. trisha says:

    so much work for just the “right” gifts… but you did an excellent job and made it worth it. i’m sure all the girls loved their Christmas. little partial, but love the pic of all my nieces w/brett, a true treasure!!!

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