{31 days of forgiveness}

So what of this series on forgiveness? Oh friends, it’s rocked my world. Rocked. Upside-down rocked. In a totally good way, I promise! I must warn you now though … some of the daily posts are novels a bit long. As I was researching, and reading, and digging, and diving deep into the Word of God … there’s just so much I wanted to share with you.

Anyway. We’ll be exploring the definition of forgiveness, why we need to forgive, how we forgive, and what forgiveness is not. We’ll talk about love and forgiveness. Judgement. Forgiving the unforgivable. Trust. Doormats. Condoning. Enabling. The Prodigal Son … and so much more.

Y’all! Do you know “unforgiveness” isn’t in the dictionary? Let’s not hold on to something that isn’t even a word! <– tweet this

If you, or someone you know, struggle with unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, or anger … I beg you to join me everyday in October for 31 Days of Forgiveness.

Your life will never be the same. True story.

A Prayer for Forgiveness {day 1}

What is Forgiveness? {day 2}

What Forgiveness is Not {day 3}

Why Do We Need to Forgive? {day 4}

How Do We Forgive? {day 5}

Be Quick to Forgive {day 6}

Forgiveness Comes From Love {day 7}

Love Comes From God {day 8}

Radical Love, Radical Forgiveness, and Judgement – Part 1 {day 9}

Radical Love, Radical Forgiveness, and Judgement – Part 2 {day 10}

Radical Love, Radical Forgiveness, and Judgement – Part 3 {day 11}

Forgiving the Unforgiveable {day 12}

What If I Don’t Forgive {day 13}

Is Forgiving Condoning or Enabling {day 14}

If I Forgive, Am I A Doormat? {day 15}

Jesus, Friend of Sinners {day 16}

Forgive and Forget? {day 17}

Is Forgiveness an Option? {day 18}

Forgiveness Is An Act of the Will {day 19}

Three Strikes, You’re Out? {day 20}

Give Unto Others {day 21}

Forgiving Yourself {day 22}

Does God Really Forgive {day 23}

The Veil Was Torn {day 24}

Doers of the Word {day 25}

Bless Those Who Curse You {day 26}

The Prodigal Son – Part 1 {day 27}

The Prodigal Son – Part 2 {day 28}

The Prodigal Son – Part 3 {day 29}

Forgiveness Is An Act of Faith {day 30}

How Do We Know We’ve Forgiven? {day 31}